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On the first treatment you can expect an extensive assessment of your history and concerns including all areas of pelvic function (bladder, bowel and urinary). A full physical overview will then be performed to examine your posture, breathing, joint range and integrity, visceral assessment, muscle function specifically around the spine, pelvis and pelvic floor. 

An internal examination may be discussed during this session and scheduled for a future appointment to ensure proper function of the pelvic floor and to ensure you receive the most thorough and evidence based care. 

Goals and management strategies will be discussed together and a plan for treatment or rehabilitation that is in line with your beliefs, attitudes and expectations. This may include manual techniques, education, home exercise programs and Clinical Rehab. 

I will provide guidance on how to connect more deeply with your body emotionally and physically and my goal is that you will leave my treatment room feeling empowered and grounded with this new connection to your body.

Initial Consultation: $150 

(60 minutes)

Extended Review Consultation $122

(60 minutes)

Recommended for two plus injuries/conditions, internal examination and for women travelling from neighbouring towns. 

Review Consultation: $96 

(30 - 45 minutes)


Formely known as  Clinical Pilates. Learn body movements so there is less need to rely on ongoing treatment sessions as you will gain strategies to manage your symptoms. 

These sessions aim to build core strength by working the deep abdominal muscles, pelvic floor and muscles lining the spine. They help improve flexibility, stability, balance, muscle control, body awareness and alignment.

Initial Consultation: $150

(60-90 minutes)


Private Rehab: $80  

(45 minutes)


Class Rehab: $50 

(55 minutes)

Class Rehab Block - 6 classes: $270


Nest Physio aspires to be well connected to all clients and in particular women living regionally who do not have easy access to health care. Despite not physically being in the studio room does not mean that you won't receive the most thorough care, the experience will just look a little different. You will receive a thorough assessment, ongoing management that you can do yourself in your own home or guided by a practitioner closer to you. A tailored exercise program will be provided via an online app which will be reviewed and updated with ongoing phone call consultations.


A telehealth appointment is recommended for the initial appointment for women who plan to travel from neighbouring towns to allow for more treatment and management time during their studio sessions. 

Initial Consultation: $140

(60 minutes) 


Review Consultation: $90

(30 minutes)


All services are eligible for rebate via your private health insurer.

Please contact your insurer directly to see what rebate applies. 

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