Floral Kit

Floral Kit

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A trio of convenient 10ML rollers to set each day with intention and a daily ritual to self care, grounding the mind, the body and the soul. 

Perfect for all woman at any stage of life and used with our ritual suggestions or create your own.

Seed Grounding Blend: Use first thing in the morning. Place roller just under the nose and take three breaths in to help restore calm after a restful sleep. Apply to wrist, nape of neck and back of ears. Repeat process before jumping into bed to slow the sympathetic nervous system and to start introducing good sleep hygiene. 

Bud Calming Blend: Much like a flower grows from a bud to bloom, use this blend to restore energy for busy times. Perhaps after feeding your babe, before school drop off or dinner preparation, before a stressful exam or a meeting, let the combination of floral and cedar bring calm to your busy day. Apply to back of ears, wrists and nape of neck. 

Bloom Spirit Blend: Let this powerful aroma be your go to when you need that extra lift in your day. Let it help motivate and help ideas flow whether for big projects or daily tasks like dinner prep, use it during times of low energy or into the afternoon to take a moment for yourself from all the nappy changes and playtime. Take three deep breaths with the oil under your nose and remind yourself you are strong and humble. Apply behind ears, neck, wrist and soles of feet. 


Packaged in a recyclable box topped with dried florals.

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*Products should not replace the care given by your health care provider. We recommend consulting with your health care provider for medical advice and before use of essential oils.