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Mother Kit

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Celebrate a mother or mother to be with our beautifully packaged kits created lovingly using soothing and rich botanicals to support and nurture all women. 


Mother Kit. 

A botanical kit to celebrate and support a mother you love and cherish. To encourage her to love oneself and to feel loved. Lull away with a calm earthy pillow mist, quieten and centre with a floral infused natural perfume and cherish moments of quiet with a warm bath infused with soothing herbs and salts. 

Dream Weaver Pillow Mist 


A calm earthy mist applied to linen and pillows to encourage sleep or over your body and surroundings to energise spirit. 


Geranium Rose Roller


A natural floral perfume to calm and quieten. Apply to wrists, back of neck and soles of feet as needed or before bed. Contains Fractionated Coconut and Jojoba Oil, locally grown and harvested rose petals, Himalayan pink salt, Geranium, lavender and Frankincense essential oils. 


Pink Salt and Rose Bath Soak (sample muslin bag)

A soothing tea to lull away sore muscles and release negative energy. Contains Rose petals, lavender, calendula petals and Himalayan pink salt. 


A bouquet of dried florals are included in all our recyclable boxed kits. 

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*Products should not replace the care given by your health care provider. We recommend consulting with your health care provider for medical advice and before use of essential oils.