Floral Roller Blend
Floral Roller Blend

Floral Roller Blend

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Aromas of the deep woods, the sunshine, a rolling valley of florals, sweet musk, a warm chamomile tea before bed or a gentle sweet scent to comfort and calm.

Our hand blended floral rollers combined with essential oils are custom made to suit your desire and scent preference and the perfect on the go essential to add to your daily routine or as a natural perfume alternative. 

Whether you need to calm, motivate, sleep, invigorate - we will create a roller just for you. We hope our rollers which include a gemstone top, inspire you to take a moment for yourself, to relish in the subtle ritual of self care and self love.

At checkout simply request the emotion you want to target and the scents that you gravitate to (for example wood aromas, sweet, floral, citrus, musk, feminine, masculine). Unless requested, a gemstone roller will be intuitively chosen for you. Email hello@nestphysiotherapy.com.au if you would prefer to discuss your needs. Please include any allergies or skin irritations. 

Infused with fractionated coconut oil. Apply to wrists, soles of feet, back of neck and behind the ears. 

 10ML, glass roller with bamboo lid and gemstone roller 

* Spot test first for 24 hours before use.

* Products should not replace the care given by your health care provider. We recommend consulting with your health care provider for medical advice and before use of essential oils.