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We offer intimate education circles to help empower women with knowledge and confidence along their journey of wellbeing and self care amongst the support of others. 

We offer education circles throughout the year as well as private sessions, ideal for small groups (minimum 3 people) or mother’s groups. They can be delivered in our studio, at an attendees home or an alternate location that suits your needs. Our education circles provide a sanctuary for women to feel comfortable and a space of non judgement that can focus on pregnancy, postpartum or a specific topic you want to learn more about.

Some activity suggestions include:

  • A pelvic floor friendly Clinical rehab session

  • Baby massage and movement development with our Baby Bum Massage Oil

  • Running group

  • Learning about medicinal herbs and creating your own unique bath soak or postpartum sitz soak.

  • Slowing down with flowers and creating a floral smudge stick.

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