The Nest Collective range is lovingly made by Continence and Women's Health Physiotherapist, Shelley Kennedy in her home studio in Perth, Western Australia. 

After many years of working with women, Shelley noticed that the importance of healing after a baby is often overlooked. Research has shown that many women's health related issues like lower back pain, incontinence, prolapse and sexual complaints stem from dysfunctions around the pelvis following birth. These symptoms are often present even years down the track and so an emphasis on early postpartum care and recovery is crucial. 

The botanical range aims to normalise the postpartum stage, emphasise the importance of post birth healing and encourages mothers to love and embrace this stage by giving their body time to heal with the support of natural products. 

Shelley uses these products as an adjunct to treatment and education to allow mother's to feel confident in their postpartum bodies and take control of their healing journey.

She recommends all women seek support from a women's health trained medical practitioner beyond the early routine postpartum check with their birth team as prevention is key to great long term outcomes.