Work with Shelley

Shelley’s holistic approach to each of her clients is individual and tailored to their needs. On the first treatment you can expect an extensive assessment of your history and concerns, a full body overview to examine your posture, your breathing, joint range and integrity, muscle function specifically around the spine, pelvis and pelvic floor and visceral assessment. An internal examination may be discussed during this session and scheduled for a future appointment to ensure proper function of the pelvic floor. Shelley will provide guidance on how to connect more deeply with your body emotionally and physically and you will leave her treatment room feeling empowered and grounded with this new connection to your body.

Goals and management strategies will be discussed together and a plan for treatment or rehabilitation that is in line with your beliefs, attitudes and expectations may include manual techniques, education, home exercise programs and Clinical Pilates.

Conditions that Shelley treats but not limited to:

- Incontinence 

- Pelvic organ prolapse 

- Urinary urgency and frequency 

- Constipation 

- Lower back pain 

- Pelvic girdle pain 

- Pubic Symphysis Pain 

- Abdominal Diastasis 

- Painful intercourse/penetration 

- Coccydynia (tailbone pain) 

- Vaginismus 

- Musculoskeletal concerns (knees, ankles, hips, neck etc) 

- Pregnancy and birth preperation 

- Postpartum reviews and support 

- Orthopaedic surgery pre-hab and re-hab



PROFESSIONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Postgraduate certificate in Clinical Physiotherapy - Continence and Women’s Health (Curtin University), Birth Healing Pracitioner (Institue of Birth Healing), Member of Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA)

To schedule an appointment please contact Shelley on 0422 162 816 or


Via video conference 

Initial: $120 (60 minutes)

Review Consultation: $85 (45 minutes) 

** Includes online and email content as well as ongoing email support 


Currently unavailable due to COVID-19.

Women's Health Initial Consultation

$160 (60 minutes)

$300 (Block Package - Initial and two follow up consultations. Save $50) 

Women's Health Review Consultation (60 minutes)

  • One session: $95
  • Four sessions: $330


Locations: Denmark, Albany, Walpole and Mount Barker

$210 (60-90 minutes)


$210 (90-120 minutes)

Regional Package One:

1 x Phone Consult and 1 x Home Visit, $300


Regional Package Two:

2 x Phone Consult and 2 x Home Visits, $580



Private insurance rebate applies.

 ** Prices will increase as of 01/01/2021