CIRCLE - A mindful workshop on Pelvic Floor and Body Connection

CIRCLE - A mindful workshop on Pelvic Floor and Body Connection

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This is a circle for any woman of any age who wants to learn more about their deeper core and find the connection back to their body and its feminine energy. 

We will explore how the pelvic floor and core work with the rest of the body, how to connect with your inner self to allow masculine and feminine energies to flow in balance and learn strategies to check in with yourself and your pelvic floor. 

The circle will enlighten you on how I work intimately and holistically as a Women's Health Physiotherapist with my clients and what you can expect from a consultation with me. 

When: Saturday 12th October 2019, 9:30-11:30am 

Where: 216 Hancock Street Doubleview, Perth 

Price: $25.00


 What to expect on the day:

- An insight into the anatomy and function of the pelvic floor and core.

- Learn about common pelvis positions that create problems post birth 

- Learn strategies to connect with you inner body on a deeper level through visualisation and meditation.

- Understand about how our feminine and masculine energies in our body impact our pelvic structures and pelvic floor 

- Learn simple strategies to activate your pelvic floor and create balance around your pelvis.

- Feel empowered to share these personal conversations with the women we love to spread the word about pelvic health.

- Nourish your soul with warm teas and conversation with like minded women in my cosy home.

- Enjoy a shop of the Nest Collective Range and enjoy 15% off all items 


** Stock will be limited so if you are wanting a particular item or a gift wrapped kit, please email before 4th September to pre-order any items to pick up at the event) 

** Babies in arms are welcome to attend, but for you and other attendees to get the most out of the circle I ask for you to please keep your bigger children at home. 

PLUS - the cost of the event can be fully redeemed by booking on the day a Women's Health Initial Consultation with me (appointment scheduled for a later date).